We manuacture all types of costume jewellery, finished goods and metal components

In the begining we started manuacturing all types of costume jewellery in metal, which is only sold to wholesalers and Importers. However, we also produce metal components for other manufacturers.

We have two types of production:

Finished goods

1. A yearly collection of fashionable jewellery and classical pieces (to see these products you can visit us at Fashion Jewellery Fairs).
2. Promotional articles. An estimate can be given without any obligation on all types of costume jewellery.

Metal components

(This type of production is dedicated to the following clients: fashion jewellery industry, shoe manufacturing and Fashion Components.)

1. CATALOGUE: We have an extensive catalogue with over 4000 articles, which are in stock.
2. EXCLUXIVE PIECES: We produce pieces from a certein number exclusively for the client according to their designs.